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Winter specials at Takumi

Takumi is my all time favourite sushi restaurant in Cape Town. I'm a bit addicted to the sushi that Papa San makes so I've become a bit of a regular.

I've been watching the Facebook page for sometime waiting for specials but in the meantime I ordered Chirashi sushi as a takeaway. It's just as amazing as the sit down version except for some reason they added crab sticks and I'm not the biggest fan of that.

I'm glad I ordered my sushi today cos I found out they're doing a bit of a lunch/early dinner special.

The Bento box looks yummy for lunch and I have to try the Kuro for early dinner one day. Watch this space :)


The bento box is value for money. At 60 bucks you get a whole lot of awesome. It's the perfect portion for lunch and a good combination of soup, tempura and sushi. I especially love the Miso soup during cold Winter days. Not that I'm counting but I've already had the Takumi bento special 3 times. I work in Kloof street so it's hard not eating here haha.

I took Michelle to try the early dinner special. we ordered the Kuro set and extra Toro sashimi on the side. The Kuro set costs R195, which is usually the price of the "Boat" so as a bonus you get a portion of Sweet Kisses and wow are they awesome. The combo of fried tempura prawn with the california roll is a taste explosion. It was the first time I tried the Toro and it lived up to the hype. I can't explain the exact texture but it's a mix of smooth meat and fat. Something like a marbled Rib Eye steak.. Do yourself a favour and order a toro sashimi. It is a specific cut of the Bluefin tuna so it's not always available and most sushi restaurants don't even serve this delicious sushi.

Another update

Takumi has been closed for a few weeks for their annual vacation. I'm sure Papa San and his team are well rested and ready to rock the kitchen. We decided to book for dinner last night since we've been craving Takumi sushi for a while. We went with the Ojo set this time and ordered an Almost Teramisu - with green tea infused sponge cake and vanilla icecream with almonds. Super delicious.

The fire was roaring and perfect for a freezing winters night. My leg wouldn't stop shaking from the cold outside.

Elle loves her coriander very much. Luckily the Ojo set came with a portion. I liked it. a lot. mmm.

The sushi standard and the original tempura roll. The tempura roll was unexpectedly awesome. I'm a convert to tempura styled sushi.

Almost teramisu - the most delicious desert

Elle and Papa San

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