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Why bicycling in Cape Town is so fantastic

There's no better freedom than being on a bicycle

It's Ride to work day today so obviously I had to take part. I woke up this morning a little later than usual so I rushed out, brushed my teeth and threw on some clothes.

Wheel check.

Tyre check.

Let's hit it.

Time 8:35

I ride a Fuji feather fixed gear bicycle by the way

I start peddling furiously out my gate and get to the cycle lanes Sidebar: I live close to Woodbridge Island in Milnerton so it's not too far from town* The skies are clear. Not a cloud in site. The lanes are open. The air is fresh. What a way to start the morning. The cycle lanes follow the MyCiti bus routes next to Marine drive. How I grin when I see those bastards stuck in traffic, sitting in their sedans. They must hate their lives right now.

I'm greeted by a couple cyclists heading into town. MTBers of course. And they are very friendly. Then I'm greeted by a couple of roadies racing furiously to work. Not even a wave. Bastards!

I took it easy for a while and then started peddling faster as I neared the Civic Centre in town. From there I'm greeted by walkers, guards and other urban dwellers. I head up to Adderley street and what do I find. More cycle lanes! From the end of Adderley I take a shortcut through Company Gardens up to Kloof street. So pretty. A park filled with squirrels, pretty trees and cobblestones.

**Time Check 9:15am. All that only took me 40 minutes. The MyCiti bus takes me roughly 50 minutes to get to work, that's if I don't miss a bus or if they're all exactly on time and the stars are aligned.

I often cycle around St Georges square and through side alleys in town. You can't exactly do this in a car. So another point for commuting to work via bicycle.

Things just look different from a bicycle

Commuting to work via bicycle is the best thing you can do

Not only are you saving the earth one peddle at a time but you're also saving petrol. Petrol is at a record high so why not save some money? I've entered the Argus cycle challenge 2014 and I'm committing to riding at least 3 times a week.

Let's wrap this up

You live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Bicycling to work you get to enjoy all that the city has to offer. The smells. The people. The cyclists. The cycle lanes. Don't worry about what bicycle you have. Even if it's an oldie. Don't forget the freedom. You can go anywhere you want. There's bicycle parking all over town and a lot of bike racks next to the MyCiti bus stops.

You struggle to find parking in town and then you have to pay to park in the street. Walking is okay but it does take long to get anywhere. I like to explore town and often cycle around during lunch hour hunting for delicious food. Easier if you have a bike. Another point for commuting to work with a bicycle

It's not only for the commuter. The city offers a ton of bike rental places for the backpaker and holiday maker. They have bike pick up zones at various "touristy" areas. I love this place: http://www.bikeandsaddle.com/ and they're not too pricey.

To make things even better. The city has pledged to make Cape Town more bicycle friendly and introduce more cycle lanes in the not too distant future.

Bicycle sites I love

http://www.bicyclecapetown.org/ - Great articles and route information

http://www.woodstockcycleworks.com/ - Fixie porn!

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