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Top 5 Places to snorkel in Cape Town

Image credit: simonstownaccomodation.com - Picture of Windmill beach

Snorkelling is one of those activities that you want to keep coming back to. It's one of the most fun and easiest things I have done. The equipment is light and you can snorkel in most places. Little did I know that living in Cape Town, it makes it a bit harder to snorkel. If you've ever visited Cape Town, you will know how cold the ocean water is. It's freezing! But if you can take the cold water, then there is a lot of great stuff to see when snorkelling in Cape Town's cold waters. Just remember that you will need a wetsuit to snorkel in Cape Town.

Withou further ado, here is the list in no particular order.

1 - Windmill Beach

Windmill beach is close to Simons Town, it's pretty much sheltered with giant boulders and can be snorkelled most times in the year, depending on the ocean conditions. You can see Kelp and some atlantic ocean life, which mostly consists of cold water fish. The beach is perfect for spending a day at, so if your friends and family aren't into snorkelling, they can soak up the warm sun rays.

Access to this beach is pretty simple to get to.

More info on WIndmill beach here

2 - Boulders Beach

image credit: beachesnearme.com

Boulders beach is famous for it's penguin colony. But if you're a bit more adventurous you can head into the water for a bit of a snorkel. You'll be surrounded by penguins and there are some interesting things to see under the water too.

Check out uncoverthecape.co.za for more info on the beach.

3 - Long Beach in SImons Town

image credit: simonstown-accommodation.com

Don't get this confused with Long Beach in Kommetjie, this is the other Long Beach. The one that's a bit calmer and has loads of beach visitors and is safe for swimming so you'll find lots of swimmers here too. It's a nice stretch of beach and you can easily snorkel around the relatively calm beach.

Click here for More info on Long Beach in Simonstown.

4 - The Old Harbour in Hermanus

*image credit: static.panoramio.com

The Old Harbour in Hermanus is one of the awesome attractions about this sleepy little town. During the Winter to Spring months, you can see the Southern Right Whales, and you can sometimes hear them if you snorkel in the Harbour. The access to the harbour is very easy. The actual harbour does not have much to see under the water, but there is a lot of Kelp and sometimes you can find interesting fish.

More info on Hermanus here

5 - Snorkel with seals in Hout Bay

image credit: sealsnorkelling.com

Hout Bay is a great place to snorkel, and seal island is full of seals with no sharks. So it's pretty safe, and the seals are very friendly creatures. This is definitely a must for visitors to Cape Town. You can check out sealsnorkelling.com for more info and to book a spot. They provide all the gear and costs about R650 for the full trip. They don't operate in Winter though. So make sure to plan your visit in the Summer, Spring or Autumn months.

I'm sure there are many more amazing and great places to snorkel around Cape Town, but these spots are my favourite and have generally easy access.

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