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Takumi sushi

I've been on a mission to find the most amazing sushi in Cape Town. So far I've been disappointed by what the Mother city had to offer. Most of the places charged a lot and their sushi was average. The "all you can eat" sushi joints cut the fish extremely thin and added tons of rice to the sushi. Clever for them but not so yum for me. Some places weren't too bad, I went to Fuji Yumi on Loop street last week and was pleasantly surprised with the value for money specials they had.

Today started like any other day with me already day dreaming about what I wanted for lunch. Michelle gave me a call to say she'd be in town and wanted to meet up for lunch. I'm so glad she chose Takumi 'cos I think I've found sushi heaven.

Takumi is run by Papa san who moved from his home town in Japan to our beautiful city to give us what might be the best sushi in Cape Town. At the age of 70, Papa san is still kicking ass and taking names, sushi style.

The menu is made up of some traditional sushi dishes and some not so traditional sushi. I've been told the Takumi chilli popper roll is good but I'm a traditionalist when it comes to food so I ordered the Chirashi sushi (a bowl of rice topped with fresh cut pieces of sashimi and vegetables). Michelle ordered the sushi boat which comes with over 20 pieces of sushi and 8 of those pieces being tuna and salmon sashimi. The fish is fresh and the all the sushi and sashimi pieces are cut to proper Japanese fish to rice ratio.

We also had edamame beans and agedashi dofu as appetizers. Getting hungry? Me too. The Takumi menu can explain the dishes a lot better than I can so here it is Takumi menu

Not only does Takumi serve kick ass sushi, they have some amazingly different teas too. Try the Gorgeous Geisha (a green tea infused with strawberry and cream).

The boat. A classic set of assorted sashimi, california rolls and nigiri

The restaurant has a nice simple vibe with friendly staff and excellent service. Just watch out for their rules. You're required to spend R100 minimum per person and a 10% service charge gets added automatically. Don't go if you're on a budget. You might embarrass yourself and the person you're trying to impress. Check out the Takumi house rules.

Takumi sushi update

I ordered the standard box set today for lunch and again was blown away by how good the sushi is. The set consists of mostly nigiri pieces and some maki and costs R100, but before you judge this by the price. Let me just say that it's worth every penny. The quality is just outstanding and it's filling. The fish cuts on top of the rice are bigger than most sashimi you will find at other sushi places. Active sushi gave me 4 pieces of sashimi and it was not even the same size as one of these cuts of fish.

It's getting quite cold here in Cape Town. brrr. Takumi have some kick ass sushi specials to keep you warm this Winter.

You can find Takumi sushi at 3 Park road, Gardens (its close to my work and I'm on my way to becoming an honorary Takumi samurai) They're open from Tuesday - Friday for lunch and dinner. Saturday, dinner only.

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