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The Spice Route

Sugar and spice and everything nice. That's how the saying goes. There's nothing more true to this saying than the Spice Route in Paarl.

It's 9am. Way too early. But when wine is involved Elle and I don't play games. We jumped out of bed and jumped in our car. Paarl is thirty minutes from us. I love Cape Town. Anything further than fifteen minutes is considered far.

The weather man predicted some pretty bleak weather but we braved the clouds and rain nonetheless. We were rewarded with amazing wine, beer and biltong.

Back to our adventure. We arrived in the parking lot. Not many cars. Hmmm. The overcast weather created some amazing filtered light so I had to snap some pics. Hope you like them :) Eventually it was time for chocolate tasting. I'm not a fan of overly sweet things. We tasted the origin chocolates and the Cafe range. The Rooibos is a must. Crap I forgot to buy a bar. Note to self. Go back for chocolates

After a belly full of chocolates and lots of laughs we moved to the CBC brewery. I love beer. We went for the standard tasting which included 4 of their CBC beers. My favourite is the Crystal Weiss, not too sweet and just right. The rest are meh.

The last stop was the biltong tasting before heading to Fairview for the wine and cheese pairing. The biltong costs 15 bucks so it won't put a dent in your wallet. You get to taste a range of game biltong and beef of course. I am not a big fan of game meat. It's just so.... erm.. gamey haha. The beef was lekker so Elle bought a bag for us to devour. nom nom nom. If you're not a fan of game, skip this tasting.

Fairview cheese and wine

This is one of my favourite vineyards. Great wine. Great setting. A goat. and flippin' awesome cheese. If you have time they have a restaurant with amazing lamb shank!

It was the first time we tried the cheese and wine pairing. Wow. This was fancy. Six different wines and six different cheeses getting stronger as the wine became more full bodied. The Extrano is a favourite. Spicy like a Mexican wrestler. Okay that was a bit lame haha. The pairing costs 60 bucks but if you're on a budget you can do either or for around 20 bucks.

The Spice route is pretty. The food great. The wine flowing. Go with a bunch of buddies and go mad or go the sophisticated route and take your parents. They'll love it.

Here are some nice links to the spice route and Fairview.

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