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Paella night at Lola's cafe

Paella is comfort food. It resonates home. it's full of flavour. hearty. delicious. It's generally made with a mix of yellow rice, prawns, mussels, chicken and chorizo.

Capetownmagazine.com recently had an article on Lola's famous paella nights. The cosy cafe has generally been open during the day for breakfast and lunch but Thursday nights have opened up to tasty seafood treats and great wine.

Lola's cafe

Taken under new ownership in 2011 the little cafe has a whole new vibe. It's filled with quirkiness, great service and some of the best food you'll have. The music is fantastic as well. I shazaamed a lot. I love the fact that the menu is small and meals are seasonal as they're prepared fresh daily by the owner/chef Craig Wobbie. A small restaurant with the chef putting in a lot of passion and love into the food can only result in amazingness.

On thursday nights, you can choose from a small selection of main courses:

  • paella - a bit different to what I'm used to. Bit more saucey than usual but super declicious with fresh tasting seafood yummies
  • full portion of west coast mussels with a white wine/garlic sauce. order the thick cut chips and aoli as a side
  • fresh linefish. This also seemed like a brilliant option
  • mushroom risotto. I'll have to try this the next time I visit

You get a free house wine or SAB beer with every main. score.

There's a nice selection of drinks including &Union craft beer and some very nice looking juices. I love the attention to detail. You'll find a jug of water with cucumber on every table. It's the small things that make a place great and Lola's delivers.

The paella

Lola's paella was tasty with a good amount of prawns, mussels and chorizo. I thought it would be bigger for some reason but it was still good. It's saucey and goes down well with a glass of Lola's house wine. If you order a paella to share, they will give you two smaller portions which is great. We ordered a full portion of mussels to share with thick cut chips. What a great combo. I do think the mussels were better than the paella. mmm.

Great night out with excellent food but I'm still searing for the perfect paella. If only I had spanish friends. There's nothing like a home cooked meal by real Spaniards. at least that's what I hear.

Lola's cafe address

228 Long street

Trading hours

Monday - Wednesday 07.30 – 18.00 Thursday 07.30 – 22.00 Friday - Saturday 07.30 – 18.00 Sunday 07.30 – 15.00

Contact Craig for bookings at Lolas.co.za

Other worthy paella mentions

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