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Obi Restaurant

Cape Town shed a collective tear when Takumi closed down earlier this year. A moment of silence for the restaurant that served fresh and delicious sushi. Chef Papa San was taking an extended *fishing trip* and not re-opening the one and only place Hubster and I frequent when we are in need of real Japanese style sashimi. So when the news of Obi started circulating, rumours of ramen, whispers of traditional Japanese cuisine accompanying the Papa San sushi we all know and love, I cannot tell you how much excitement was in our little hearts & big bellies.

This past Monday, we were invited to the private launch of {Obi}(https://www.facebook.com/obirestaurant/) and we couldn't be happier. Papa San is back with a bang! The standard is great! A few new items as well as old favourites on the menu and still the same level of service and attention to detail, the love that Papa San, Ben and their team have for food really shows in the end product delivered to the table. We basically waddled out of the venue at the end of night - may have been the copious amounts of food or it could have been the bottles of sake and plum wine... who could be sure...

It is officially open for reservations from the 1st of July 2016, and I'd recommend booking as the people of Cape Town have lost their minds! Everyone trying to get in there. Dinner, lunch...in between. Just make sure to give them a call to avoid disappointment. It is so not pleasant to drive out to town, struggle with a hunt for parking just to be turned away at the door. So, again, I stress, *book*. 

Elle's recommendations:

Nasu Miso - honey, miso glazed aubergine. Everything you want in a starter. 
Agedashi Tofu - deep fried tofu squares topped with grated diakon and served up in a gingery, scallion sauce. Perfect winter appetiser
Obi Tempura - Salmon, Tuna & Avo rolled in nori and dipped in tempura batter, then fried. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. It's deep fried but banting friendly so... ha! It looks daunting, but don't worry, you'll manage. 
Chirashisushi - Cuts of sashimi, tamago, avo, caviar, shitake mushrooms and pickled ginger served atop a bowl of sushi rice. It is HUGE so do keep that in mind when ordering
Shoju Ramen - rich porky flavoured broth, perfect egg, ramen noodles, pork and that, my friends, are the ingredients to the best ramen I've had in South Africa. THANK YOU BEN
authors note, as of 11th July this menu item will only be available for lunch service. RUN! GO! NOW! Stop reading! GO!

Yes, this little piggy ate all of that (and more...) in one sitting. Albeit with the help of Hubster. Impressed right? Don't worry, if you're in possession of a regular appetite any two of the above will satisfy you but you just might want to wear your "Joey thanksgiving pants" and try to squeeze in more... it is that good. Having stated my menu favourites, I do think the gomae spinach dish is divine, edaname beans are en pointe & we cannot neglect the Sweet Kiss roll... 
Ok, so maybe I ate more... can you blame me? 

I guess I'm saying I've missed you Papa San. I'm glad Ben and you have started up Obi. Let's never have a "best sushi in Cape Town" absence again. 
Here's to many more years of "Papa San's real Japanese" restaurant. Enjoy the pictures. 

Obi RestaurantObi RestaurantObi RestaurantObi RestaurantObi RestaurantObi Restaurant




Elle is the local foodie. She can cook up a storm and loves travelling and taking photos of her instagram husband Dillon.

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