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NY Slice Pizza

I'm a sucker for pizza. Give me thin base with lots of cheese. NY Slice Pizza opened its doors a week ago on the trendy Kloof street next to Toi Toy.

What's the hype? Amazing pizza. I've never been to New York. I imagine this pizza tastes as amazing as the ones in the Big Apple.

About NY Slice pizza

Reading the NY Slice Pizza facebook page. The owner and master pizza maker trained at one of the top New York pizza joints under Don Federico. What spells pizza more than an Italian New Yorker.

When do they open

Tuesdays - Thursdays from 12pm - 10pm Friday and Saturdays from 12pm 'til the clubs close (this is going to be my go to spot after a night out on the town)

The Menu

Manhattan Slice R14.50 Pepperoni Slice R19.50 Soho Slice R19.50

Manhattan Pie R98 Pepperoni Pie R132 Soho Pie R132

They don't have a liquor license yet but they do have cooldrinks, ice tea and water at reasonable prices.

Sidenote Pie = whole pizza :)

I've been to a couple of great pizzerias in and around Cape Town. NY Slice pizza has skyrocketed to the top of my list. They make their pizza pies fast. Perfect for a quick bite while you're out for lunch or after a night out partying. Or make a night out of it and go with a couple buddies and order a pizza pie.

The pizza

Thin. crispy. Fluffy. Cheesey. Delicious. Made a bit different to Italian pizza but not far off. They use an electronic pizza oven imported from New York so you won't get anything that tastes like this anywhere else in Cape Town. I'm all for wood fired pizza but this I approve of. Basic ingredients make the flavours stand out. What I'd like to see in future are some lunch time specials. Maybe a coke and a slice combo.

A must try for any pizza lover.

Click on some of my Instagram photos below to see bigger versions.

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Dillon Kin

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