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My 6 days in Taiwan

Taipei is just one of those fantastic places, filled with colour, friendly people and a language you can't understand. It was an amazing journey, short but fun. Did you know that Taiwan has the most 7 Elevens per square meter, I'm not even joking, there's a 7 Eleven at every corner. This is actually quite freakin' awesome, and it makes me miss that convenience, not to mention the Onigiri, yes they have Onigiri right in the 7 Elevens.

Not only do they have 7 Elevens at every corner but they have an amazing public transport system, the subways or MRT is amazing, clean and fast! There are countdown clocks at every robot (a robot is what us South Africans call a traffic light) which tells you how long you have to wait before they go green. There are yellow taxis everywhere (similar to New York but just way cooler!). There's also this bike system, similar to those seen in European countries where you pick up a bicycle from the side of the road, by paying a machine and then you ride around, once you're done you simply drop it back off at any other bike station. Just too awesome. And did I mention the obscene amount of Fixed bike porn they have, unfortunately I was too busy eating all the awesome street food to take photos of all the guys n gals on fixies, but owell, just an excuse for me to go back!

Taipei really is something else. Here are some of my favourite spots:

Night markets

The night markets are ginormous! They are made up of interlinking streets, filled with tech goodies, clothes and countless food stands. Yes, there are night markets in Hong Kong too, but Taiwan just does it better. Happiness.

The Hot springs

Taiwan has natural hot springs in the mountains, not too far outside Taipei. I was a bit taken back when I found out we had to enter the springs in our birthday suits, and no i don't mean your snazzy birthday tux, but I mean nude, as nude as the day I was born. I shyly entered with a small towel covering my crown jewels, but eventually I was standing proud, and really enjoying how amazing those hot springs made me feel.

The Food

Okay okay so this isn't a spot, but the Food has to get it's own mention just because it's so damn fantastic. I love Asian food and I've tried a lot of it, but Taiwanese food is one of my favourites. The stinky tofu, the fried oyster omelettes, the shaved ice with red bean, the bubble tea! It's just so great and cheap.

The temples

I never get sick of seeing temples, and all the history that goes with it. Sure I don't speak mandarin, but being at a temple is just something special. You don't have to speak, you just stand and take everything in. The incense, the people praying, the sounds of chanting. It's great.

Taipei holds a special place in my travel log, and I'd love to travel back there some day and visit the rest of Taiwan.

Here are some of the photos I took which I think sums up my travel there.

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