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Mumford & Sons in Cape Town Day 3

You know when you've been waiting so long for something and then it's a let down...

Well. Mumford & Sons were anything but. The band rocked, hard! On to that in a bit though, first let's have a chat about the actual concert.

So Grand Parade was to be the stage for this epic concert. I hadn't read too much promotion about the concert, but the stuff I did read mentioned that you shouldn't get there before 3pm as you would not be allowed to queue before then (gates only opened at 5pm by the way). So I thought "man this must mean we should get there at 3 to start lining up". Bad mistake... we got there early, around 4pm and the line wasn't even long. By the time we got inside the venue, there was really not much to do. No beer gardens (with lovely, comfortable chairs). No fun game areas, Not much really.

So a lot of sitting around was to take place...

The great thing was that all the bands were on time and Mumford were only 15 minutes late. Some friends told me that Mumford only got on stage at 11pm during the Saturday event.

Back to the event... so the overall event was a bit meh, no place to sit, they charged R5 per cup when you buy beer or iced tea, there were no refillable water stations, it was blazing hot!


Mumford & Sons redeemed the event. They have an amazing stage presence. Marcus Mumford, you are a legend! Their music is epic and we were all dancing and jumping up and down (as one does as concerts). When "The Cave" came up, the crowd went mad! These guys are probably the best live performers I've seen in a long time, and I can see why they're one of the most requested live acts in the world.

Oh. And we were in the best location in the world. In the middle of Cape Town CBD, alongside City Hall and Table Mountain. We rocked out, hard!

Leave your messages in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you guys thought of the gig.

Dillon Kin

Dillon Kin is the founder of I Live Under a Rock. He writes about travel, life in Cape Town. Dillon is a foodie, coffee snob and photographer.

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