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Of Monsters and Men in Cape Town

In a galaxy far far away, okay well not a galaxy, but a place far far far away lives an epic musical group called Of Monsters and Men.

The group live in Reykjavik, Iceland (a place I'd still love to explore one day! Watch this space.) I first heard their music from the film, Walter Mitty. Which was great, and the music really added something to the movie, which made me love it even more. But we'll leave that for another time.

and on that note, let's chat a bit about the concert at Kirstenbosch...

OMAM at Kirstenbosch

OMAM could not have chosen a better concert venue. I love Kirstenbosch for their summer sunset concerts. And so we were really looking forward to watching OMAM under clear skies... the weather didn't want to play nicely and it rained last week Wednesday and it was cold... but it did clear up a bit in the evening, and Kirstenbosch was as beautiful as ever.

Gangs of Ballet opened for OMAM and they were great, I like their melodic sound and they did well as the opening band. I especially loved singing along to "Hello Sweet World" under the dramatic and cloudy sky.

The whole garden area was filled with people, picnic blankets, lots of wine and good vibes.

And on came OMAM. Man did they rock! Not only do they sound amazing on stage, but they're such awesome, down to earth humans. Ragnar made a joke about not having bugs in Iceland and finding it weird having so many here.

Nanna rocked every single song. I love her voice and her stage presence.

They played a lot of their new songs, which I haven't really heard much of, but I liked them. A bit different, a bit more dramatic, but good!

The crowd really got going when they played some of their more famous songs, like Dirty Paws and my personal favourite Little Talks.

Near the end of the concert it started raining, which just made it even more fun as we stood up, dancing and singing along to OMAM's melodic sound.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to SEED Experiences for organizing such an amazing event, as usual and for the Pit access, so I could take a few photographs for this little blog :)

I hope you guys liked this post :) Comment down below if you were at the gig or love Of Monsters and Men.

Dillon Kin

Dillon Kin is the founder of I Live Under a Rock. He writes about travel, life in Cape Town. Dillon is a foodie, coffee snob and photographer.

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