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Monday Madness

So it's late Monday afternoon. You're hungry but just too tired to go home and cook. It's been that kind of Monday. Do yourself a favour - pop into Den Anker and treat yourself to their Monday special. 1kg of mussels for R100. Oh yes. That's right, R100, fries included. They're fresh West Coast mussels and prepared in a simple wine (maybe beer), leek (or onion) and garlic (definitely garlic) sauce. Served with fries and a gorgeous creamy butter that's almost a béarnaise... I don't know the exact kitchen magic/science that goes behind the flavour of this dish but all I know is... it is YUMMY. Also an affordable early Monday dinner to share with Hubster when we're still in mourning over the loss of our weekend.

Elle Recommends

Ordering the Kwak and giving up your shoe as a deposit for the glass. Also ordering extra fries if your sharing partner eats faster than you. And of course hitting up Den Anker during the week for their other specials such as Cheese Tuesdays, Salmon Wednesdays, Beer tasting Fridays, Tapas Saturday and Kiddie Sunday not the real names... I made these up... go to their website to see the real deals and t&c's But seriously, a deal every day of the week... and fine tasting beer to boot.

Dillon Kin

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