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Josie Field Upstairs at the Alexander Bar

Josie Field is incredibly talented. I first saw her a few years ago at a gig in Johannesburg. It was at the Radium Beer Hall, one of the oldest pubs in Joburg, and it is an incredible place with an awesome vibe. Since moving to Cape Town 3 years ago, I haven't seen Josie Field at a live show... so Elle and I were both super excited to see her play live once again.

Josie Field's music has matured and her new album S'bongile has some of the fan favourites but changed up to reflect her current style. I love the new jazzy "every now and then" production

The Alexander Bar is the perfect venue for Josie Fields intimate, soulful performance

Elle and I first went to the Alexander Bar a couple weeks ago and it has become one of our favourite spots. The bar has a clever upstairs section which hosts singers, performing artists and everything in between. And the space is just.. great! It's small, intimate, acoustically awesome. In short, it's just awesome!

The bar is stocked with some great locally brewed beers and some interesting whiskeys, like the Monkeys Shoulder. I love their old school telephones at some of the tables, which you can use to ring the bartender and get some drinks to your table.

The Songs

Josie Field played all of our favourite songs, and Elle and I got so excited when she started playing "Shape of my Heart", which was our wedding song, and really brings back memories.

I really love where she's gone with her new album, becoming more soulful, jazzy and mature. She is such a great performer, and really knows how to interact with the audience.

Great sign of things to come from Ms Josie Field.

Dillon Kin

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