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Jeremy Loops Trading Change

So Jeremy Loops has finally released his new album. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for the final album, well actually I can... years and years. I stumbled upon this freakishly talented musician at Sowing the Seeds in Joburg many moons ago, well not that many moons but it was long enough. My feet instantly started tapping away at the amazing rhythm, and Jeremy got the crowd going with his amazing energy.

I bought the EP and it was on repeat in my car on the roadtrip back home, okay maybe a bit longer than just the roadtrip, ask my wife, she started getting sick of me looping the songs over and over (pun intended). But I didn't care. I loved it and have been a big fan of Mr Jeremy Loops ever since. If you're not too sure who Jeremy Loops is, then where have you been? Living under a Rock? But seriously, watch the Mission to the Sun music video at Sowing the Seeds and you'll get a feel for the music.

Trading Change

The album is now available for pre-order from iTunes, and will be released on 31 March for digital download. I did what any fan would do and pre-ordered it immediately, but I was lucky enough to get my grubby paws on a pre release copy of the album for review. Trading Change is now blasting in my eardrums and I must say that my ears are thanking me for it.

All the songs are produced very well, the album really has an international feel to it (thanks to the album being produced by Bryan Wilson, Jeremy Hewitt, and Jamie Faull out of Miloco Studios in London). Some of my favourite songs have made it to the album, the sound is slightly different to the originals on the EP. Some good, some even better.

When I first heard Mission to the Sun on radio, I thought, what is this? It was a far cry from what I heard at concerts and the original EP. I wasn't convinced. The easy and "in the moment" sound wasn't there, it felt... very produced. The original sounded more relaxed and in the moment. But after a few listens, the song grew on me, and I'm happy to say that I officially dig the song even more now.

My Shoes will always be one of my favourite songs, I love Motheo Moleko's rapping blended with Jeremy's skills and this final version rocks my shoes. The album has a song called Lonesome & Blue (which a lot of you guys will remember from Jeremy's live gigs) and features Adelle Nqeto, her voice is smooth and suits the song well. I still remember from Jeremy's live gigs when he used to make his voice really super high and sing her part of the song.

Here's what you need to know

This is a kick ass album, with so much awesomeness on offer. There are jump off your feet songs like Power, Mission to the Sun and My Shoes. And there are chilled out beats like Lonesome & blue and Higher Stakes. There's African beats and plenty of saxophone vibes coming from the talented Jamie Faull. And of course the rapping skills of one Mr Motheo Moleko.

This is exactly the album I've been waiting for from Jeremy Loops and it's going to be on playing on repeat.

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