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Jekyll and Hide Zulu cellphone pouch Review

Those of you that have been following our blog for a while now will no doubt know about Jekyll & Hide. They have some of the nicest leather goods in South Africa. I featured Jekyll and Hide in a previous post about 5 South African Leather Bag Designers.

I recently got my hands on the Zulu cellphone pouch and wallet in tan. From the minute the cellphone pouch arrived from the couriers, I could tell this was an awesome product. It comes in a nice Jekyll and Hide branded box. Small details like this really make a product stand out for me.

How does the cellphone pouch work

I've tried a number of cellphone cases for my iPhone 5s and must admit that I get lazy when it comes to carrying my phone in a case. The Zulu pouch is perfect because it's a wallet and cellphone pouch. There are enough slots for all my cards and there is a nice big slot for cellphones. This pouch fits my iPhone 5s easily but I'm sure it can fit an iPhone 6 or one of the many Samsung phones out now.

The pouch can be clicked closed as well, which protects all your stuff from falling out. I've dropped the pouch a few times (Yep, I'm kind of clumsy) and the pouch protects my phone quite well.

Where can I buy this pouch?

You can buy the Zulu pouch directly from Jekyll and Hide over here.

They have a number of different cellphone pouches, but this one is by far my favourite one. If you're interested, go check out their other pouches here

Can I use this cellphone pouch every day?

I used this cellphone pouch for a week and found it quite nice. However, it gets a bit bulky carrying it around every day in my jeans. I would rather carry it around in my ROWDY backpack :)

Elle has been using the cellphone pouch now and she'll be giving her thoughts on it soon :)

K. Thanks. Bye.

Elle's thoughts

Dillon gave the Zulu pouch a big thumbs up but he had a problem with the fact that it was a tad too big for his pockets... so he asked me to use it for a week and see what I thought.

As a phone pouch, it gives me comprehensive coverage and protection but being a brand manager twitter & instagram are always only a click away - and this pouch doesn't allow for that. The design is sleek and it is easy enough to pull out your phone for the occasional call and whatsapp... but it tends to get a bit annoying if you need to check your phone every few minutes. Although having said that by day 2 I was used to the opening and closing of the pouch...

The pouch also offers a lightweight version of my handbag on the go. It acts as a small clutch, with enough space for my drivers, id smart card, bank card & 2 loyalty cards. Everything else is on my passbook on my phone. Compact and has everything I need if I'm just popping out to the grocery store or the movies. No need to lug my bag filled with everything and the kitchen sink... that's reserved for adventure days and weekends away.

So final verdict: the zulu pouch makes for a great compact solution to carry your phone and cash around. As a man, it may give your pockets...well... a bulge. As a woman, it is your travel light best friend and will stop you from incessantly taking selfies. I guess it is a win-win. I like it... I'm keeping it.

xx L

Dillon Kin

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