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a Japanese sushi house in Cape Town

This place is like Fight club, the rule is you don't talk about it. Well not really. People do talk about it but only if you know someone who knows someone and that person knows of this place then you'll be able to find it. Japan Sushi House is a little family owned restaurant which they run from their house. Mr Enomoto has been a sushi chef for 30 years, he opened this little home restaurant a while ago in Cape Town. I found out about it from a couple of friends and begged them to organize a dinner outing.

The house is not that big and has about 5 to 6 tables so you have to call a head and book. You also have to book your meal as Mr Enomoto only prepares the fish fresh and does not waste, he will usually prepare enough for the night and maybe a little more if he knows there will be a couple more Japanese food lovers.

You know you're in a proper Japanese place when there are Japanese guys sitting around a table with a feast of fresh cut sashimi and pots of Sukiyaki in front of them, all jabbering away in Japanese and holding a cigarette in the one hand.

The service was great, as it is family run and quite a small little place. The waitress made good recommendations and we went by them. We had a plate of sashimi which is supposed to be about 15 pieces but there was more like 30 pieces. Amaze! This was some of the best sashimi I've had in my life. The fish was uber fresh and there was a variety that you don't usually find at other sushi restaurants.

* toro
* salmon
* tuna
* toothfish
* butterfish
* squid

We had a platter of tempura for the table which came with mixed veg and prawn. Some of the best tempura I've had.

And our main course, a traditional Japanese seafood pot filled with seafood and vegetables. This is similar to a chinese hot pot but is filled with cuts of fish, oh so good fish! I could eat this for days.. although it's very filling so don't over order.

* patagonian toothfish
* tuna
* salmon
* tofu
* mussels
* fish balls

To top it off we ordered a couple of hand rolls just to see how good they were. Brilliant. Big pieces of tuna and prawn. mmm

It was a great night and I will be visiting this awesome little family restaurant again. I'm not going to give any details about this place, but maybe if you ask nicely I'll share :) enjoy.

**Hint** - it's a house in Milnerton

Dillon Kin

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