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I visit ROWDY leather bags in Cape Town

After posting about the 5 south african leather bag designers in South Africa, I grabbed one of the Chapel brief bags for work, but I've been on the hunt for a nice leather backpack. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll probably know that I have a serious crush on the ROWDY leather bags. They have that old world charm that you don't find much of anymore, the bags remind me of a different time, of quality hand made leather. The prices have dropped to a nice R1200 for the ROWDY backpacks and R1500 for the duffels, visit the ROWDY online store for more details.

Scroll down to see how you can win a ROWDY leather bag of your own

So I went to visit the Rowdy leather bags studio and workspace in Woodstock, Cape Town and had a nice chat with the guys and gals that make the bags. I love the studio. It's bright and airy and smells like leather (one of my favourite smells in the world). I also grabbed one of their Angkor Wat leather backpacks on the way out, I went for this one because it's classic, I can use it for everything, from my daily commutes to using it for my travel adventures. More on that in some future posts :)

Everything is hand crafted at the studio in Cape Town and the leather is sourced in and around South Africa.

Here's a bit of an interview I managed to do with the ROWDY guys

Where is the store located?

We don't have a store, per se, as we don't believe in selling through traditional stores. During the week we love it when people stroll into our factory in Salt River at 358 Victoria Road and see first-hand how our creations come to life.

Every Saturday you can find us at The Old Biscuit Mill. And each weekend Friday - Sunday we are at the Bay Harbour Market Hout Bay.

What's the story behind ROWDY bags?

The ROWDY story began after Nicholas Meinert's search to buy a simple, authentic and aesthetically pleasing rucksack was fruitless. He ended up using a handmade leather rucksack that his mother bought while on honeymoon in Madagascar (15 years before). He would constantly be stopped by people who wanted to know where he bought this rucksack which made Nic realise that many shared in his frustration. And so the idea developed: to create bags with a design as simple, strong and timeless as the leather that they are made out of.

What will clients find when browsing the ROWDY studio?

There's a simple, minimalistic aesthetic that runs throughout the entire ROWDY experience.

It all begins at our factory where you can meet our amazing team who create our ROWDY bags. It's quite something to see first-hand how the leather is cut, bags are stitched and how the embossing is done. There's also a historical collection of our older bag designs that are mounted on our walls (including the very first bag that inspired Nic to create ROWDY).

We keep our fans inspired and updated on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. Our website is in keeping with our minimalist style and is always updated with our latest bags. We've worked hard to try and make online purchases as simple and clean cut as possible. We strongly believe in giving exceptional service to our customers and in creating lasting relationships.

Where to buy the ROWDY bags

ROWDY believe in selling direct, so you can find them online at rowdybags.co.za. They ship for free in South Africa, which is awesome, I usually don't like buying from online stores if I have to pay a shipping fee on top of the price. You can also find them at the Old Biscuit Mill on Saturdays and at the Bay Harbour market in Hout Bay on weekends, Friday - Sunday.

Win a ROWDY leather bag

The nice guys and gals also gave me one of their Angkor Wat leather bags to give away to one of you awesome readers! Click here to enter to win a ROWDY leather bag

Here's a couple more photos I took of the ROWDY workshop:

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