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Golden chicken with braised greens and potato gratin by Jamie Oliver

Photography: David Loftus and taken from Jamieoliver.com

Since living in Cape Town I've been eating out a lot. A bit too much in fact so I was in the mood to cook last night. I used to do a Jamie Oliver night with some friends a while ago where each of us had a turn cooking a 30 minute meals. It was fun. Miss those nights. Anyone of my friends in Cape Town keen to do a weekly Jamie cook off night?

I found this super easy chicken recipe on JamieOliver.com and decided to try it last night. I must admit that it took way longer than 15 minutes but his recipe requires you to have everything prepared. I bought all my ingredients at Woolies on Kloof street, except for the leeks. It still tasted great without just the spinach and peas.

Potato gratin

This potato gratin recipe is one of my favourites. It uses sage, onions and parmesan. I never thought it would be so easy to make a potato gratin but it was and I'll definitely be making more of this and experimenting with some other ingredients. My friend Leroy makes a killer potato bake with mushroom and bacon (dam I miss that potato bake). Bacon is the main thing that makes it so great. Everything tastes better with bacon. Did I mention you can add a few rashers of bacon to your golden chicken. mmm.

The important stuff

  • Everything can be bought at Woolworths or Pick n Pay. I find that Woolies has better fresh produce and a lot more variety. I used red onions instead of plain ol' white ones. Woolies has a great selection of herbs and cheese as well.
  • Cost: Everything cost me under R250. The most expensive was the "Italian hard cheese". the woolies version of parmesan.
  • This can be done in 15 minutes but make sure to have everything prepared beforehand
  • Buy a food processor. I cut the veggies by hand. it took way longer than a processer would
  • 1 portion is about 600 calories

The great thing about most of Jamie's recipes: they serve 4 or more. I get to have left overs for lunch. winning.

My version for one

The 15 minute meals are quick cos it's only the main meal but you can add your own extras. I made hot chocolate with a dollop of chocolate mousse and a side of pistachio Lind chocolate. Chocolatey heaven. mmm.

This is the first of a series of 15 minute meals I'll be trying out. Hopefully I don't run out of them.

Here's the official recipe from Jamie Oliver himself.

Dillon Kin

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