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Gary Thomas live at the Waiting Room

Gary Thomas is a genius with a guitar. Equipped with just his guitar and a wooden stomping block, he makes amazing music.

The sound starts off mellow and picks up fast. You'll be tapping your feet in no time. He even took a violin bow and started playing his guitar with it. I love the soulful, folk, chilled out beats and the sort of ominous violin/guitar sounds that he makes.

Mind blown

If you've never seen Gary Thomas play live before. Make sure to hit up one of his gigs during September. Definitely one of the best South African musicians around.

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room was literally the place you'd go to while waiting for a burger at Royales. These days you can go there for a rad vibe and some flippin' awesome music. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

They have R11 Castle and Black label beers before 10pm. Boo ya. hit it.

And here are a couple pics I took from last nights gig.

enjoy :)

Dillon Kin

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