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French Toast recipe

Happy Friday kids!

This past week we celebrated my dear Baboon's (that would be Dillon's) birthday. I tend to get overly excited when people get older. Birthdays excite me. But age scares me. Go figure.

This year I thought I'd spoil Baboon. So besides the crazy gifts, I presented him breakfast of champions: French Toast a la Queen of Tarts.

If you've ever been to Queen of Tarts in Observatory, Cape Town, you know that their french toast is the shizz. I gave it my own little spin and turned out just right for Mr. Birthday Boy. You can follow my recipe here:

Ingredients (Makes 2 portions):

1 x Big dumpy loaf of any bread you like. 2 x Eggs. 2 Tbsp Cream (Double, Heavy, Whipping or Milk is fine) 1 x Tomato 6 x Rashers of bacon (Or you know...12... I won't judge) 1 x Camembert Cheese 1 x Knob of butter 1 x Handful of Strawberries 1 x Balsamic Vinegar Reduction (Or reduce balsamic vinegar in a small saucepan) Salt Pepper


  1. Slice your bread. Remember that it will soak up a bit of the delightful eggie mixture so be generous and make it at least 2cm thick. Trust me.
  2. Beat your eggs and cream in a shallow bowl, or deep plate. Something that will allow your bread slices to lie flat in the mixture. Dip both sides of the bread in the mixture and coat thoroughly.
  3. Heat your griddle/pan and drop in a knob of butter. Let the butter brown get gorgeous.
  4. Once butter is golden, drop in the egg coated bread. And leave it. Do not move it. No. Just don't.
  5. On the other side of your griddle, line up your bacon rashers and sliced rounds of tomato. Let these cook at the same time the toast is going.
  6. Check the bottom of the toast after 1 minute. If you can see a nice crust, use a spatula to flip it over. If not, patience my friend. Wait until you got a crust and then flip.
  7. Make sure to keep an eye on your bacon and tomato and when they're both nice and cooked through, place on kitchen towel/paper towel and pat off excess oil.
  8. Slice the cheese into thin circles and the strawberries into quarters.
  9. Once your toast is nice and crispy, lift out of pan and plate.
  10. The line up looks like this: Golden crispy toast. Tomato. Cheese. Bacon. Salt. Pepper. Strawberries. Second gorgeously crusted slice of toast. Drizzle of balsamic vinegar reduction.

BOOM! You have a delicious stack of breakfast. You're welcome.

TOP TIPS: *Don't let your bread sit in the eggie mixture for too long. 2- 3 seconds should do the trick. And let it toast for a comfortable while in your griddle or pan. This will ensure a nice crunchy toast texture and still have a soft bread middle instead of a puddle of goo. *Be brave. Give yourself a thick slice of Camembert cheese. It really is a taste sensation with tartness of the strawberries and tomatoes. *Get creative. Find ingredients that you love that contrast and compliment each other nicely. Make the recipe your own. *Wake your Baboon up early enough so that he has time to eat the delicious breakfast. Letting him sleep in on his birthday does him no good when its a school day.

Comment and let me know what your favourite kind of toast is.

Love L

Dillon Kin

Dillon Kin is the founder of I Live Under a Rock. He writes about travel, life in Cape Town. Dillon is a foodie, coffee snob and photographer.

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