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Fancy Fridays

I got some inspiration from whatmyboyfriendwore.com for #fancyfridays and decided to dress a bit dapper today.

I didn't want to go too formal so I left out the tie and rocked a patterned shirt with a simple burgundy blazer. I want to be as cool as Ron Burgundy one day.

In an effort to be more fancy, this will be the first of many #fancyfridays.

The outfit

  • Military boots by ALDO
  • Shirt by Relay at Markhams
  • Watch by Seiko
  • 511 Jeans by Levis. Very comfy and nice to pair up with something fancy
  • Blazer by Cignal at Markhams
  • Glasses by Prada. I've had this pair for yonks now and am still loving their style
  • I know it's not really clothing, but I got my hair cut at Yogis. The coolest barber in town.

These are fast becoming my favourite shoes. They're comfy and look awesome. Jeans rolled in or just folded up.

A bit bummed that I didn't manage to go out and take some nice photos on the street. O Well. Let's save that for next time shall we.


I managed to convince a couple colleagues to get in on the fun. They weren't too excited about dressing up for Fridays so we did Tie Tuesday instead. I went for the same look so I could get a nice full pic. Switched the look up with a pair of black Feiyues.

tie tuesday style cape town

In the words of Ron Burgundy, Stay classy Cape Town.

Dillon Kin

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