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Chapel Brief

I bought this bag from Chapel a few weeks ago, I've been trawling the net for a handsome looking brief for my macbook, there's a ton of great stuff made here in Cape Town. The brief had to meet a number of criteria, well it just had to look good and not cost the world. The Chapel brief is exactly that bag, it costs R1499 and is hand crafted with quality and locally sourced stuff, I'm all for supporting local. The leather is great, the padding is nice and thick and the overall quality is top notch.

The Chapel brand

Okay, so I'm sure not all of you, my dear and awesome readers, will know about Chapel. So here's the quick and nasty. Chapel was created by Caleb Pedersen in 2009, a cycling enthusiast, he wanted a bag that would meet his lifestyle, so what better way to do that than make your own. The brand bloomed and they now stock a number of rad bags and other leather goods.

Read more about the Chapel story here.

Okay, I'm going to end this post short cos it's late and I'm actually not sure if I'm even making sense right now haha.

K. Thanks. bye

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