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CGS Creative Pop Up Launch at the Creamery Newlands

My friend Roxy from CGS Creative (which I'm very excited to see by the way) has been running some pop up launch events in the run up to her brand new website and business. She has been blogging over at City Girl Searching for the past 6 years. I love her blog (she's been quite an inspiration to me and one of the biggest reasons I had the courage to get a puppy in our small flat), she writes about travel, life, and everything in between. I loved following her adventures living in South Korea with her husband Dale and their dog Shadow the Jindo.

They're back in South Africa now, and are travelling around South Africa before they choose a place to settle down in. I vote Cape Town!

Roxy invited us to her Cape Town Pop Up at the Creamery in Newlands. There as offer of banana splits and awesome prizes, so of course we had to go! Elle & I arrived at 10am on Saturday morning, and filled our bellies with banana splits and flat whites. We got to meet up with a lot of cool creatives and I took a few documentary photographs of the morning. It was a blast and I'm looking forward to seeing what Roxy has to offer in the future with her creative talents!

Roxy had a flower wall set up and took some cool portraits so go check that out here

Dillon Kin

Dillon Kin is the founder of I Live Under a Rock. He writes about travel, life in Cape Town. Dillon is a foodie, coffee snob and photographer.

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Dillon! What awesome photographs! Thank you so much for coming to the event and for sharing these awesome photographs!
You guys rock!!!!

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