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Cape Town Carnival 2015

My third year going to the Cape Town carnival (have a look at some of the pics from the 2014 cape town carnival), I can't believe how time flies. Going to these events really helps you track time. This year's Cape Town Carnival was just as great as the others, awesome parades, and awesome crowds! The mood is festive and reminds me a bit of the 2010 world cup here in South Africa, I miss that!

A few tips for the newbies in the crowd

Book a table at one of the restaurants in Greenpoint

We booked a table at El Burro (which is fast becoming my favourite Mexican restaurant) so we could still enjoy the street party vibes and then have a nice relaxed dinner after. Best tip I can give to you guys :)

Dress for the night

Even though it's still pretty warm in March here in Cape Town, it does get chilly at night, so pack a bag (I brought along my ROWDY backpack) with a jacket, maybe some snacks and bring your camera!

Make sure to get to the Cape Town Carnival early!

Make sure to get to the carnival early! We arrived just past 6pm and couldn't get any spots with good visibility (happens every year and I keep saying I must go earlier ha ha).

Don't park where the crowds are!

Our friends parked at the V&A, we took the bus so we could catch a lift with them going home... but traffic at the V&A was a nightmare! Avoid!

Okay, enough of my ramblings, have a gander at some of the pics I took on the evening.

Dillon Kin

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