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Bodum coffee plunger

Cape Town has spoilt me with coffee and I've become a bit of a coffee snob. No more instant coffee for me thanks. I've been buying flat white coffee around Cape Town for around R17 a cup. Each place offering different coffee beans.

Here are some of my favourite spots for great coffee:

  • Deluxe coffee works
  • Bean There
  • Knead
  • and of course Vida E Cafe

But why not make your own cuppa coffee. Get a French Press plunger and be your own barista. I've been eyeing out the ** Bodum coffee plungers and when I saw one over at the Wellness Centre I decided to grab one and some very good Kenyan coffee grounds from Bean There.

Some nice things about the Bodum plunger

  • I bought the 0.3L plunger so it makes 3 espresso cups or one large cup which is great for making a cup of coffee at work
  • It has 2 filters so you can easily plunge fine ground coffee even though it recommends coarser ground beans
  • It comes in some funky colours

Bodum french press

This is the only way to make coffee, and if you're in Cape Town there's plenty of great places to buy your coffee beans.

You can buy the Bodum french press plunger at www.yuppiechef.co.za and for more coffee inspiration check out ilovecoffee.co.za

K thanks bye

Dillon Kin

Dillon Kin is the founder of I Live Under a Rock. He writes about travel, life in Cape Town. Dillon is a foodie, coffee snob and photographer.

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