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Ben Howard Live in Cape Town

Oh how concerts have changed, or is it that I have gotten old. Firstly, let me just say that Ben Howard was great. He is super talented and I love his music. But... and there is always a but, the Grand West Arena was not the best venue for this gig.

Initially when I bought the ticket back in December, this gig was meant to be at the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Now imagine yourself, sitting comfortably on some grass, with a bottle of vino (from Stellies of course) and some good food in the other hand. Enjoying some good chilled out music. Sound awesome? That's what I thought too!

In short, the concert at the Grand West Arena was a far cry from this. It felt like I was going to one of those concerts as a kid to an indoor arena, filled with other teenagers (except that these teenagers were horribly irritating). I'm pretty sure I was not that irritating when I was a teenager.

We were amongst the crowd. In the thick of things. "Dam youths" I say. Ben Howard strummed his lyrical music and it just didn't feel right standing there. I felt like I needed to be sitting, and I kept looking back up at the seated area and thinking "lucky bastards, why hadn't I changed my ticket to one of those seated ones".

Millenials have killed the joy of concerts!

And, what happened to actually being in the moment, listening to the music in front of you? Nearly every single person around me had their freaking cellphones out, either taking photos (with flash, which is horrible!) or recording the event. Why do people feel the need to take photos/video of every single thing? Can we not just enjoy the moment every now and then? Okay maybe I am really getting old... who knows..

All in all, an okay experience, but it was still cool to listen to Mr Ben Howard live :)

Photos are credited to: Jonx Pillemer

Dillon Kin

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