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Barbeque chicken with warm green beans and roasted tomatoes

Photo taken from Jamie Oliver's website. Photography by David Loftus

Okay. so this isn't exactly a 15 minute meal but it's still a Jamie Oliver recipe. I felt like a salad and this is what I found browsing the recipes on JamieOliver.com. It's super easy to make and a nice welcome to the normal lettuce salad with french dressing. I added my own flare and made it slightly different to Jamie's way but feel free to try either way.


  • 4 chicken breasts. buy the ones from woolies, they're really fresh
  • rosemary
  • cherry tomatoes, also bought at woolies... they have an awesome selection
  • lemons
  • dijon mustard
  • 400grams green beans
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt
  • black pepper
  • parmesan shavings
  • sage

What to do

Make sure everything is prepared. Turn the oven on to 190 degrees. and get all your ingredients ready. Cut the chicken sideways until about 3/4 of the way then lay the chicken breast like a butterfly. Add the rosemary leaves, olive oil, salt and pepper. Let it sit for a while until you're ready to cook. (sidebar: I don't own a pestle and morter sad face so I just did this instead)

Look at those beauties. mmm

Place the tomatoes on an oven proof dish. Season with some salt, pepper, a dash of olive oil and some sage leaves. Pop them in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes.

I love the taste of roasted tomatoes. Be liberal with your olive oil. mmm tasty

While the tomatoes are roasting away...

Cut a lemon in half, grate lemon zest into a bowl. Add salt and pepper and a good dash of olive oil. Mix with a spoon and it's ready.

I call this zesty lemon dressing. awesome for chicken... and maybe fish too. Note to self. give that a try next.

Now you're ready to fry up the chicken and cook the beans. Get two pans, fill one half way with water and add salt. Bring to the boil and put the green beans in. I cut off the ends. don't really dig them. Add olive oil to the other pan. When it's sizzling hot place the chicken breasts on and cook on either side for about 3 minutes a side.

mmm. doesn't this make your mouth water

Once everything is ready, place on a board or individual plates for awesome eating. (sidebar: I fried up some mushrooms and added shaved parmesan to the mix. delicious)

Final thoughts

I've made this twice already. Super easy. super tasty. Instead of the usual lettuce, tomato, feta salad. Make this. It's rewarding, healthy and the whole family will love it. I'ts pretty cheap to make. Everything cost me under R100 and can feed 4. well. 2 if you're both hungry :)

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