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Babylonstoren farm estate

I went to Babylonstoren earlier this year after my aunty told me about it, I didn't expect much but wow it was awesome. We picked persimmon, naartjies, a ton of basil and some giant eggplant. I took family from China to this place and see how a working farm looks like, let's just say by the end of the day we were all knee deep in the soil and veggies, filling the handmade woven baskets so we could eat all the fresh goodies later. We got to the farm a tad late, cos we stopped at the Old Biscuit Mill for a bite but we made the most of it, the only thing that we missed out on was the visit to Babylonstoren's green house.

Some friends were wanting to adventure out of Cape Town this past weekend so I suggested Babylonstoren, and it worked out perfectly 'cos the weather played nice and we ended up having what felt like a spring day. This time round, we were less farm like, and more touristy. We had in total three DSLR's, I kid you not. Ha ha. But it was a fun day filled with friends, some fun photos and an amazing lunch at the green house to end off a super day.

If you haven't yet been to or heard of this farm estate in Franshoek, then visit them. The green house closes quite early, so make sure to get there early and grab a bite of the fresh sandwiches they make, and order one of their seasonal cordials to wash your meal down.

One more important thing. It costs ten bucks at the gate to get in but you can pick as much fruit and veg as you like :)

I'm going to end this post with some of the photographs I took on the day. Enjoy.

Dillon Kin

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