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Active sushi

Active sushi is one out of a million sushi bars in Cape Town but what sets this one apart is the "no limit" buffet menu. I heard from a few buddies that the sushi was good and you're able to order anything on the menu including sashimi and salmon roses. All this for a measly R119. What's not to love?


The service was shocking and the pieces were tiny and packed with rice. It was a Saturday night so I expected the restaurant to be busy but not to the point where I had to wait an hour and a half for sushi. It's days like these that I miss Yamazaki sushi restaurant in Joburg.

There is a silver lining though... There was a lot of sushi and the fish was fresh. The vibe is trendy and hip so it makes a rad place for a night out. Active sushi also offers lunch specials for the "suits" who work close to the Nedbank building for around 50 bucks.

All in all it's not a bad spot and pretty worth the R119 for the buffet. My plan is to head straight there after work and order a bucket load of sashimi and salmon roses.

Wish me luck.

oh and one more tip, order the Deluxe platter and tell the waiter it's all for you, then watch his reactions as you devour it all. it has over 40 pieces of sushi by the way!

Some details about Active sushi you should know

1st Floor, Ned Bank Centre 63 Strand Street Telephone: 021 422 0462 info@activesushi.com Mon - Sat 11:30am - 10:30pm

Know of any other good sushi spots in Cape Town? Please share in the comment box below. My mission is to try them all.

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