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3 stylish camera bags I would buy

If any of you have bought a DSLR camera, you would know how big they are and what a mission it is to carry them around. You will also probably want to look after the little bugger and buy a bag for it. If you're like me, you probably care at least a little about style and most of the camera bags on the market are just plain ugly, or they scream "Hey I'm a tourist, please rob me!". I'd rather not get robbed thank you very much, so stick to something which doesn't look like a camera bag and adds a bit of style too!

A camera bag needs to be stylish and functional. I'm seriously eyeing out these Ona bags!!

1.The Brixton - Ona Bags

ona bags brixton

I've been following Jasmine Star for a while now and she wrote a post about the Ona bags, these are super sexy bags designed and built for carrying around DSLRs and maybe some lenses too! They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but my favourite is the Brixton in full leather. It has plenty of space for a camera like my Canon 5D and some extra space for lenses and other goodies, it also fits a 13" macbook. Tell me you you don't want to look this stylish while shooting?

ona bags brixton

It's super touch finding Ona bags in Cape Town. I found an online shop called medi image but I haven't used them yet.

The bag is on the pricier side at R7100 locally. From Ona it costs $439.

Order one from onabags.com or from medi image if you're in South Africa.

2.The Camps Bay - Ona Bags

the camps bay Ona camera bag

The name says it all. Camps Bay! One of the trendiest spots in Cape Town. With a name like that, this bag must be awesome! I've mostly used shoulder/messenger bags for carrying around my camera but lately I like the idea of backpacks (more about that further down). This backpack has different compartments for your DSLR and some lenses and comes in a super nice canvas material.

The price is a bit high at $429 and R5625 locally, so I'd rather go for the Brixton, which is leather and will probably last longer. Still, a super sexy bag for those that prefer backpacks.

Ona Camps Bay camera bag

Order one from onabags.com or from medi image if you're in South Africa.

3.ThinkTank Retrospective 20

Photo credit: http://www.keatleyphoto.com/tag/camera-bag/

Probably the nicest bag that you can find locally in Cape Town. It looks ultra rugged and can hold a bunch of lenses and a camera, I'd probably go for one of their smaller bags if i were just walking around casually, but for events the Retrospective 20 looks great!

I haven't tried one out yet, but am keen to give one of these a test run soon.

You can find the ThinkTank bags at ORMS in Cape Town or at the ORMS online store and costs R2300.

Bonus - Rowdy Angkor Wat leather backpack

Rowdy angkor wat leather bag

I went to visit the guys at ROWDY bags in Cape Town, and I got one of their Angkor Wat backpacks. It is seriously nice. No, like seriously! It's a nice size and can fit most things in there. It doesn't come with padded compartments like the rest of the bags, but i just chucked in a small Knog camera bag into the ROWDY and it's perfect! I love walking around with this bag and my camera bag inside. I would probably go for one of the others if I was shooting an event though.

The Rowdy is probably the coolest one and the one I'm currently using and won't break the bank at R1200, you can order one from rowdybags.com

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